Secure Empty Trash (v1.0.0)

When Apple released El Capitan (which I like very much btw, just not the 'stables') they removed a function I liked a lot: Secure Empty Trash.

Secure Empty Trash was a way to remove all files in the Trash 'forever'. It's a technical process but point is, I like and used it a lot. Took me one day to find out it was missing.

There is a terminal command that does kind of the same thing though. It's just not easy to remember or to use on different systems.

This app might be the solution for those two problems.

To use it:

  1. Open the app
  2. Read the messages
  3. Done!

For those who like terminal commands; this is the code:
"/usr/bin/find (home)/.Trash -exec /usr/bin/srm -r -m -v {} +\;"

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Version 1.0.0